Personal growth stems from the challenges of life.  Let us help you navigative those challenges to bring about growth for you.

depression treatment Houston


Have you experienced a decreased interest or pleasure?

anxiety treatment Houston


Are you fearful of the future? Do you dislike uncertainty?

bipolar treatment Houston


Do you experience frequent or debilitating mood swings?

couples counseling Houston

Couples Counseling

Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC helps couples understand one another’s past, how their pasts affect their present, and ways to build a future together.

family therapy Houston

Family Therapy

Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC helps the family identify the problem and ways to solve the problem as a unit. Family therapy focuses on the entire family.

individual therapy Houston

Individual Therapy

Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC uses a holistic approach at helping people. We do not just focus on the problem but we look at the entire system.
group therapy Houston

Group Therapy

Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC offers groups that teach specific coping skills and provide the opportunity to hear from and share with other individuals.

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About Us

Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC provides psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, families, and couples in the Houston area.

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