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Family Therapy

Family Therapy focuses on:

  • Improved communication
  • Better understanding of one another
  • Connectedness
  • Adjustments, changes, transitions, and/or losses
  • Problem solving conflict
  • Educating the family on mental illness and ways to cope as a family

The family is a system made up of individual parts. If one part of the system is affected in any way, the entire system is affected. Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC understands family dynamics and helps the family system improve communication, understand one another, and set goals for change. Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC helps the family identify the problem and ways to solve the problem as a unit. Family therapy focuses on the entire family and the individual’s contributions.

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Acuity Psychotherapy Solutions, PLLC provides psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, families, and couples in the Houston area.

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